by HARSHAWN RATANPAL | special to 92128 Magazine

Mindful Moment

Following a district-wide push by Poway Unified School District (PUSD), RB High has implemented a new “Mindful Moment” at the beginning of each school day. This addition to the RB High school day invites all students and faculty to take a minute at the start of first period to, according to PUSD’s parent letter, “provide an opportunity for students to calm themselves and have a quiet moment to prepare for learning.”

The moment lasts one minute, and students are asked to be as quiet as possible in order to maintain a peaceful environment; talking is discouraged, and students who arrive to class during the Mindful Moment are asked to wait outside until the 60 seconds are up.

While students are asked to remain respectful, they are not required to participate in the Mindful Moment. Also, students who do participate are not told how to, nor are they told what to think about. Look around a classroom during the Mindful Moment, and you will find students doing a variety of different things like closing their eyes, staring at the ceiling, or placing their heads on their desks. Personally, I feel most able to calm myself when listening to music, so if I have headphones with me, I’ll take the opportunity to plug in for a moment. If I don’t, you’d find me with my eyes closed and concentrating on my breathing.

Only lasting a minute, it is doubtful the procedure will be a timewaster. Hopefully, the Mindful Moment helps students in mentally preparing for the school day that lies ahead of them.

Harshawn Ratanpal is a senior at Rancho Bernardo High School. He is participating in an internship program with 92128 Magazine.