by HARSHAWN RATANPAL | special to 92128 Magazine

Bronco Ambassadors Now F.A.C.E Honorees

For years, photography studio Visual Photography and Poway Unified School District have celebrated students with the top 30 GPAs in the Fraternity of Academic and Civic Excellence, or F.A.C.E, program. This year, in addition to recognizing these students, the F.A.C.E program is including each high school’s ambassadors in the program.

The F.A.C.E program is undergoing this change in order to ensure that civic, and not only academic, excellence is recognized. Ambassadors, such as RB High’s Bronco Ambassadors, represent their high school in their local community; one of their flagship roles is visiting elementary and middle school students to teach them about high school, demonstrate the six pillars of character, and be good role models.

In order to ensure the best students carry on the important task of being leaders in the community, the selection process involves many steps. First, only students who were recommended by a teacher are considered. These students then fill out an application and may make it to the interview, which is conducted by staff members and former Bronco Ambassadors. Finally, all of this is taken into consideration and the new Bronco Ambassadors are decided.

RB High has chosen over 20 Bronco Ambassadors, including myself. This is about double the amount of Bronco Ambassadors that RB High had last year. Another change made to better serve the community, a larger pool of ambassadors ensures that there will be an adequate amount of Broncos to visit a school despite scheduling issues.

Through all these changes, what remains constant is RB High’s willingness to continue to serve the community and the younger generation.

Harshawn Ratanpal is a senior at Rancho Bernardo High School. He is participating in an internship program with 92128 Magazine.