Students Solving Problems

Local elementary and middle school students recently attended the Future Problem Solving (FPS) State Meet, held in San Francisco. Led by Coach Nancy Myles, the teams and individuals from Turtleback Elementary School (TES) and Bernardo Heights Middle School (BHMS) put their expertise to the test after the season’s practice. FPS is a creative international education program that challenges students to research specific assigned topics and generate solutions to the problems they identify. The process encourages global outlook, critical thinking, and well-supported arguments, as well as fostering students’ confidence in presenting their ideas.


To qualify for the State Meet, the students explored the topics of food loss and food waste. “The children learned a lot about how our behaviors as well as other global issues contribute to this problem,” explained Nancy. For the State Meet, the assigned theme was Coping With Stress.

cm_problemsolvers2The first TES team included Caleb Johnson, William Liu, Nicole Cabasa, and Rintaro Saga. The second team included Amalia Benito, Tanav Kambhampai, Kevin Wang, and Sparsh Singhai. Amalia Benito, Tanav Kambhampati, Sparsh Singhai, William Liu, and Kevin Wang also participated in the Individual’s Competition. Though unable to attend the State Meet, Jimothy Brewington, Aadarsh Rajendran, and Avaneesh Sharma also participated in the program this year.

BHMS eighth grader Shreya Singh participated as an individual, creating a four-minute story-telling recording about food loss. “Shreya was invited to Internationals for this performance and her performance recording has already been sent for international evaluation!” Nancy said.