by HARSHAWN RATANPAL | special to 92128 Magazine

Summer Internships

Despite the school year coming to a close, many Broncos have managed to find effective ways to spend their time. Aside from working for some extra money or studying for another standardized test, many students are spending their summers doing internships.

Returning senior Polly Fitton has taken up an internship at Debbie Waggaman Architect. At the architecture firm, she has the opportunity to shadow professionals in a field she may pursue.

“It’s helping me a lot with understanding the job and seeing if I might like to pursue architecture after I graduate high school,” Fitton said.

Fitton works at the firm three days a week. Despite a packed summer of traveling overseas, lifeguarding on campus, and spending time with family, she finds the time to do the internship because of the potential benefits.

“I would recommend trying an internship if you have the opportunity, because it’s a good way to get some experience and figure out what you enjoy,” Fitton said. “Besides that, it can be impressive on a college application since it shows a level of commitment to your field of study.”

Returning Broncos aren’t the only ones in internships. Before she starts her freshman year at UC Berkeley, RB High graduate Emma Rooholfada is doing a summertime internship at the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Rooholfada decided to do the internship because she is interested in pursuing a career in journalism and did a similar internship with the U-T last year.

While summer is a great opportunity to relax, many students take it upon themselves to seize the moment and make a valiant effort to better themselves. Whether their immediate future involves more time at RB High or a taste of the real world, these internships can help students prepare for whatever awaits them.

Harshawn Ratanpal is a junior at Rancho Bernardo High School. He is participating in an internship program with 92128 Magazine.