In Exit Laughing, a fast-pasted comedy by Paul Elliot, three southern ladies turn tragedy into the wildest night of their lives. Their 30-year-strong weekly card night is interrupted by the inconvenient death of their fourth friend. Connie, Leona, and Millie decide to “borrow” their friend’s ashes from the funeral home for one final card game that takes a number of unexpected turns, starting with a police raid and getting crazier from there.

The production by PowPAC, Poway’s Community Theatre, is directed by Gil Savage, who directed last season’s popular comedy Quartet. The cast includes Joyce McHugh as Connie, Lucinda Moaney as Millie, Peg Daly as Leona, and Jamie Penry, the charming young dancer working his way through college. The play opens Friday, May 3 and will run for five weekends, closing Sunday, June 2. Learn more and find tickets at