by EMMA ROOHOLFADA, special to 92128 Magazine

Bronco Beach

Within a few months, Rancho Bernardo High School will be the home of Bronco Beach. Originally planning to build sand volleyball courts on campus for the beach volleyball program, the administration is now working to turn the school’s entire large quad into a “beach.”

This beach will take up the grassy area of the large quad and will accommodate three volleyball courts, smashball, cornhole, and beach chairs.

Although there is no set budget for the project, the administration has already raised $17,000 from different sources, including the RB Foundation, school site money, and private donors.

“With anything, the more money you have, the better you can make it,” Principal Dave LeMaster said. “It could be anywhere from $30,000 to $65,000 to $100,000.”

The beach will likely bring revenue to the school as well. Since not every nearby school with a beach volleyball program has courts for practicing, some schools have already expressed interest in renting out the courts.

The administration has already received permission from the district to proceed with digging in the large quad, and they hope to finish the project by winter break.

Taking into consideration some of the potential issues involving the sand, such as attracting animals, the administration has talked about creating a barrier of turf around the beach. Additionally, the sand itself will be fine like the sand that you would find at a typical beach. These aspects would hopefully help serve as deterrents to animals.

Although it may be difficult to imagine the final product of this Bronco Beach, LeMaster is confident that once the beach is fully implemented, the students will take full advantage.

Emma Rooholfada is a senior at Rancho Bernardo High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92128 Magazine.