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Tony Pepperoni Pizzeria: Delicious Food and Fun Atmosphere

mp_tonypepperoni2When diners eat at Tony Pepperoni Pizzeria, they get more than a delicious meal. They get an enjoyable atmosphere, attentive staff, and a restaurant that loves giving back to the community. Tony Pepperoni Pizzeria has been in business for more than 20 years, and now has three California locations. The newest restaurant, in Rancho Bernardo, opened in March of this year.

Of course, delectable food is on the menu. Owner Joe Locricchio opened his first pizza shop in Michigan when he was 18 years old. Restaurants were a huge part of his life; his father owned a few, and his grandfather ran a produce distribution company straight out of Sicily. “We use Joe’s grandmother’s pasta sauce recipe for all of our pastas! It has been handed down from generation to generation and it is amazing!” said General Manager Sarah Dean. Their food is also unique due to their flavored crusts, including butter, butter-cheese, garlic, Cajun, and sesame seed. “Everyone’s favorite is to mix garlic and butter-cheese together,” revealed Sarah. One customer favorite is their Teena Pizza, named after Joe’s wife. It has an olive oil base, with mozzarella, chicken, red onion, and cilantro on a thin butter-cheese and garlic crust.

“What sets us apart atmosphere-wise is that it’s a great mixture of family restaurant and sports bar.”

mp_tonypepperoni3“What sets us apart atmosphere-wise is that it’s a great mixture of family restaurant and sports bar. Tony Pepperoni has games for kids, and also tons of TVs where we get every sports package,” said Sarah. “We have a really large location where we can host team parties, retirement parties, or any kind of party for up to 100 people!” They have a wide beer selection, many in bottles and 12 on tap. They also take requests; if many customers are asking for a certain beer, they will try to get it.

Giving back is important to the staff. Not only do they sponsor local teams and work with schools and churches, but they have their own non profit, The Betty Fund. This fund helps find homes for the elderly homeless. “As of right now we have placed four elderly, disabled, homeless women into apartments. Through our restaurants we do fundraisers and help raise the money to pay these ladies’ rent,” shared Sarah. “Life is all about helping and encouraging people and we make sure to do that through our restaurant.”



Name of Business:
Tony Pepperoni Pizzeria
Owner: Joseph Locricchio
General Manager: Sarah Dean
Years in Position: 8
Years in Business: 22+ years
Address: 12165 Alta Carmel Ct.,
San Diego, CA 92128

Phone: 858-630-8400
Description of Business: Mom ’n’ Pop Detroit-style pizzeria. Cold beer, sports packages, great food and atmosphere!