Summer in the Studio

adv_studiowest-logoEach year brings a group of young and talented middle and high school students to Studio West to dive into the world of professional music development and recording. And each summer there are always standout students that blow our minds with the insane amount of talent they bring. One group that really stood out this year was the team that came to us from High Tech High. Similar to our time in the summer camps, this brilliant crowd spent the week learning how original music is written, arranged, and recorded along with a taste of how post production can polish the final product.

Our team of Studio West instructors and audio techs guided these students through the gauntlet of sound boards, wires, mics, pre-production, and post-production work, and the results were wonderful. The small groups of students finished the week with fully produced, top-notch cover songs, remarkable original songs, and compositions. Guitarists, pianists, vocalists, drummers, song writers – students contributed to every aspect of the production. The quality of the finished products and the teamwork skills they gained during the process are really something these students can be proud of.

It’s this kind of teamwork and creativity that all of us love to see in our student programs, especially our summer camps. We hope that the 2018 summer camps bring this kind of talent and enthusiasm to the studio again this year.