by EMMA ROOHOLFADA | special to 92128 Magazine

Summer Advice

As the school year quickly comes to a close, students are beginning to look towards a long-awaited summer. While summer provides students the well-deserved opportunity to recharge, it is also a good time to pursue activities that they normally don’t have time for during the school year.

Many students, particularly juniors, participate in internships over the summer in order to stay active while also pursuing their interests. Among the many benefits of internships is exposure to a potential career, which gives students invaluable insight when deciding what colleges to apply to and what majors to pursue.

Even students who have not made any plans for summer yet can still use their time productively. Oftentimes, during the school year, students are so overwhelmed with classes and extracurriculars that it can be difficult to find time to pursue their own hobbies. During the summer, students can put school on hold and spend more time doing activities they enjoy. Additionally, for students looking to enhance their college applications, a great way to do so is through community involvement. With much more time available, students can spend their summers gaining volunteer hours while doing meaningful work in their communities.

Although students should make sure that they are staying active over the summer, they should also set aside time to relax with friends and family before the school year begins.

Regardless of what students have planned for the summer, the most important thing to keep in mind is to find a balance between relaxation and productivity.

Emma Rooholfada is a junior at Rancho Bernardo High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92128 Magazine.