The Cork and Craft Is a Unique Combination of Brewery, Winery, and Casual Fine Dining


The Cork and Craft is a unique concept where an in-house brewery and winery share space with a restaurant known for signature dishes such as bacon-wrapped tenderloin and maple leaf duck breast. The Cork and Craft produces beer and wine that is served onsite as well as around the globe. The restaurant is a natural evolution from a small urban winery that opened in 2012. “We began with small pop-up dinners out of our small space and then expanded to offer a full restaurant when the space next door became available. We wanted to provide a dining experience unlike any other you’d expect with a winery/brewery,” revealed Cassie Valenciano, Director of Communications. “Tasting wine or beer alone is one experience, but enjoying them alongside various dishes and experiencing various pairings is the other side of the coin that you can’t get at many other places.”

Located in a business park in Rancho Bernardo, many are surprised at the warmth and relaxing vibe they feel when walking through the doors of The Cork and Craft. The atmosphere is one of casual fine dining. “Our restaurant has an industrial feel with the exposed brick walls and light fixtures. Our open-faced kitchen is viewable from the dining room, creating an inviting and welcoming ambiance,” explained Valenciano.



Name of Business: The Cork & Craft
President/CEO: Matt DeLoach
CFO: Elvin Lai
Years in Position: 6; 4
Year of Establishment: The Cork and Craft – 3; Abnormal – 6
Address: 16990 Via Tazon, San Diego, CA 92127
Phone: 858-618-2463
Description of business: We are San Diego’s only restaurant, winery, and brewery in one. Why all three? Why not? We have a passion for food, wine, and beer.

When it comes to the beer offerings at The Cork and Craft, there is a core selection which is available for guests year-round. The Cork and Craft also features special releases, such as their first barrel-aged series that they released this year. “We used a stout base beer and filled Pappy Van Winkle barrels that were over 20 years old with that base beer. They’ve been soaking and aging for two years and we released them in a four different bottles to represent each barrel. These bottles are very special and limited, and we hope everyone enjoys them with good company,” stated Valenciano.

For those who want an exclusive dining adventure, executive chef Scott Cannon will design a 4- to 10-course tasting created around the unique preferences of the guests. “This is called the Abnormal Experience and is one of our newest offerings,” said Valenciano. As The Cork and Craft has evolved, the brewery/winery/restaurant has been recognized as a must-visit spot in San Diego. In 2016, The Cork and Craft earned the 2016 Business of the Year award for the North San Diego Business Chamber, and owner and CEO Matt De Loach was recognized as one of the top 40 under-40 CEOs in San Diego.

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