cm_matchtournament2Rancho Bernardo’s Mary Freund was named the winner of the Women’s Golf Association’s 2017 President’s Cup at Bernardo Heights Country Club. Bunny Johnstone of Rancho Bernardo finished in second place in the final match. The match-play tournament consisted of multiple matches over the course of two weeks, in which participants face off in individual 18-hole matches, and the winner of the most holes in each match advances to the next round of play.

The Bernardo Heights Women’s Golf Association (WGA) works to foster interest in amateur golf and encourage friendly competition among all women golfers. The WGA includes both an 18-hole group and a Half Rounder, or nine-hole, group. Both groups play on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and often enjoy luncheons and other social gatherings together. The WGA organizes several tournaments, guest days, and charity events throughout the year for its members.