by Aeron Wickes, MD

Coping with Seasonal Allergies

Aeron Wickes, MD

Aeron Wickes, MD

Springtime brings blue skies, colorful flowers — and seasonal allergies. If you’re among the 50 million people who suffer from sneezing, itchy and wateryeyes brought on by seasonal allergies, the following tips might help you get through the next few months:

Avoid allergy triggers (aka allergens)
You can’t avoid allergy triggers entirely but you can take steps to lessen your exposure. For example,
• Check the daily pollen report and plan accordingly. Avoid running errands late mornings and early afternoons, when pollen counts are highest.
• Switch your car’s air conditioning from “fresh” to “recirculate.”
• Have your kids bathe and wash their hair before bedtime, to avoid pollen from rubbing onto their pillows and bedding.
• Pollen sticks to animal fur. If your pet has been outdoors all day, rub down its fur with a towel before allowing it indoors.

Over-the counter (OTC) medications
Your local pharmacy carries a wide selection of OTC medications to treat seasonal allergies, including antihistamines and decongestants. Many OTCs are powerful drugs once available by prescription only, so read the labels carefully and only choose the drug that’s appropriate for your symptoms. Be aware of possible side effects and drug/food interactions. For example, antihistamines can cause drowsiness. Decongestants can increase blood pressure.

If you have preexisting medical conditions, consult with your health care provider before taking any OTC medications or supplements.

When to see the doctor
See your Primary Care Physician (PCP) if your allergy symptoms are severe; the treatment you’re using no longer works; you develop hives, rash, a fever, or severe sinus pressure; or you’re suffering from allergic asthma triggered by pollen or mold. Your PCP can prescribe
prescription medications or refer you to an allergy specialist, such as an Ear Nose and Throat doctor or an Immunologist.

SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION if you develop anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition.

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