Strong and Beautiful

x_strongproject2Local photographer Morgan Macedo will be launching her new We Are Strong & Beautiful project this summer. The project was inspired by Morgan’s friend Annabell, who is a stage 3B breast cancer survivor. Annabell’s experience opened Morgan’s eyes to the struggles that many women with breast cancer go through. “Life has not been easy for this beautiful young woman when it comes to her health, but she is a fighter and nothing has ever been able to break her down,” said Morgan. We Are Strong & Beautiful is a way for women who have won their fight or continue to fight breast cancer to share their personal stories and be admired for their beauty and strength.

Starting this summer, Morgan will choose one woman per month to showcase on her website, Macedo Images. Once chosen, a free photoshoot will be scheduled and art will be created for that woman’s gallery. The chosen woman will have her own public page on Morgan’s website where she can share her story and artwork. “I stand by you all and look forward to telling your stories while creating art for your loved ones and others to admire,” Morgan said. “You have a very powerful voice that should be heard to inspire and motivate others. I am here to help express that voice through the art of ‘you.’ You are all strong and beautiful!”

To learn more about the project visit If you are interested in being part of the project, email Morgan with your story at