The Trecker Twins

student_trecker2The Trecker twins are following in their family footsteps and making their mark on Rancho Bernardo. Sister Riley and brother Ryan moved to Carmel Mountain – with their parents Jill and Kurt – 13-and-a-half years ago. “There are lots of fun places close by,” Riley shared. Ryan added, “There’s lots to do, and there’s many nice people.”

They’ve been “attending” Rancho Bernardo High School for a lot longer than the average student. “My husband Kurt has been a teacher at RB High School for 17 years. Our kids have literally grown up there, and now they are freshman,” Jill said. “When they were babies, they met the English teachers they each had last semester. I brought them to visit the yearbook class when they were on deadline. And they spent hours in the stadium stands watching their dad coach RB soccer year after year.”

Both Riley and Ryan say that seeing their friends are their favorite part of school, and both plan to attend four-year universities after graduation. But as Riley explained, people are often surprised to learn they’re twins. “They’re surprised because he and I look nothing alike!” she said.

“It’s like a dream come true to watch our Trecker twins become RB Broncos.”

student_trecker3They’re keen to pursue their individual passions. Riley started Pop Warner Cheer eight years ago, and is now flying high on the JV cheer team at RBHS. “I’m an NCA National Champion and two-time Summit Finalist,” she said. She’s also taken her talents to track and field, and is learning the pole vault.

Ryan enjoys track too – especially the 1600 meter – along with cross country and soccer. “I’ve been playing soccer for my whole life, and eighth grade cross country got me interested in high school cross country,” Ryan said. With his long background in soccer and experience helping coach a rec soccer team, it’s no surprise he was a captain on the freshman soccer team. Ryan also credits his parents for his success, saying, “They’ve pushed me to be the best student and athlete I can be.”

“It’s like a dream come true to watch our Trecker twins become RB Broncos,” Jill said, “but now we see how fast time flies and want to just enjoy their high school years.”

Names: Riley Jane Trecker and Ryan Joseph Trecker (15)
School: Rancho Bernardo High School
Grade: 9
Parents: Kurt and Jill Trecker
Favorite Local Spots: Riley – Starbucks; Ryan – Chik-Fil-A and Sesame Donuts