by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Tim Garcia/Right Angle Portraits

Small Town Feel

family_lecakesjones2“With a coach as a husband,” said Rancho Bernardo mom Holly Lecakes-Jones, “this predisposes one to a life of sports.” Donald Jones is head coach for RB High School’s Track and Field program, and their three children, Katy (30, RB class of 2004), Devin (18, RB class of 2016), and Alina (16, upcoming 2018 class), played, plays, and are involved in a myriad of athletic activities. From track and field to volleyball, football, and basketball, “our season never ends,” Holly said. “We are continually in a competition of some kind.” Don’s teams have won 12 San Diego Section CIF titles and 33 Palomar League titles.

Don and Holly met at RB High. “He gave me a heart diagram from his health class as a valentine,” Holly laughed. “It worked!” Her schooling came from Cal State Long Beach, with credentials in Spanish and English as a Second Language. She’s been teaching at RBHS since 1991, and was Teacher of the Year in 2011-12. Don’s Health, PE, Math and Science credentials come from SDSU. He’s been a teacher in the Poway Unified School District since 1984, and he’s one of the founding teachers at RBHS. Interestingly, their oldest daughter Katy’s first teaching position was in Don’s old elementary school. Her first room was his second grade classroom! When asked what would most surprise readers about the family, Holly grinned, “that we don’t pitch a tent on RB’s campus and sleep at school because we are here so much!”


Parents: Donald M. Jones and Holly Lecakes-Jones
Children: Kate (30), Devin (18), and Alina (16)
Community: High Country West since 2014
Hometowns: Don – Lakeside, CA; Holly – New York City, NY
Profession: High school teachers
Pet: Gwen – poodle
Favorite Local Spot: RBHS (for the best high school education), The Dailey Method (for a great workout), and The Barrel Room (for great fries)

To give back to the world and their beloved RB community, the family gives their time and resources to three different charities. The Holy Innocent’s Hospital in Uganda is one; the Get on the Bus program, which brings children and their caregivers from throughout California to visit their mothers and fathers in prison is another; and finally the San Diego Breath of Hope lung cancer organization, whose run/walk is coming up in April.


Living in the High Country West community of Rancho Bernardo since 2014, Holly feels that “RB has a small town feel that we missed.” The Lecakes-Jones family always comes together over home-cooked meals, making the time each night to sit and enjoy a good meal and conversation. “Rancho Bernardo is a wonderful place to live and work,” Holly shared. “We have been lucky to live here and raise our children in this neighborhood.”

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