by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Spark Photography

Scouting Life

family_lee2Steven, Winnie, Nathan, and Evan Lee are a busy family that takes full advantage of the perks of living in 92128. The Lee family moved from Newport County, RI, to Bernardo Heights in 2011. They are happy to be surrounded by excellent schools, strong churches, convenient shopping, and many other families. Through their work with Boy Scouts, Westwood PTA, and Maranatha Chapel, Steven and Winnie are dedicated to giving back to the area they love. “We are thankful we can serve in our community and make an impact with friends and neighbors. In the five years we’ve lived here, our volunteerism has been rewarding and enriching. We are glad to be active participants in one of the best towns in San Diego County,” said Steven, who is a software manager and principal software engineer at Raytheon. Winnie is a medical director assistant with Proton Center Development Corporation, and as Steven proudly noted, the recipient of the 2016 RB Hats Off Award for her volunteer endeavors at Westwood Elementary.

Parents: Steven and Winnie Lee
Children: Nathan (6th grade at Bernardo Heights Middle School);
Evan (3rd grade at Westwood Elementary School)
Community: Bernardo Heights since 2011
Hometown: Los Angeles
Occupations: Steven – software engineer;
Winnie – medical director assistant and stay-at-home mom

Favorite Places to Visit in 92128: San Rafael Parish for Scout meetings, RB Library, Souplantation, Maranatha Chapel, and home


The Lee family is very active in Boy Scouts, and both boys are members of Troop 681 – Nathan, a sixth grader at Bernardo Heights Middle School, as a boy scout and Evan, a third grader at Westwood Elementary, as a cub scout. Steven is assistant cubmaster and pack trainer for Cub Scout Pack 681 and Winnie is membership chair. Steven and Winnie are also co-membership chairs for the San Diego Imperial Council. “Winnie and I were selected to attend a one-week multi-cultural scouting training session at the Philmont Training Center in Raton, NM. We came back excited and focused on helping our Black Mountain/Scripps Mesa district with outreach to untapped markets,” related Steven.


Although Steven and Winnie grew up in the Los Angeles area, they lived in New England for a time and still count Boston as one of their favorite cities in the United States. The family enjoys traveling back to New England for visits, as well as traveling to new locations in the United States and abroad. Their family symbol – the compass – reflects the Lees’ love for travel. “Each member of the family is a specific direction: N – Nathan, S – Steven, E – Evan and W – Winnie. At the same time, both Nathan and Evan (NE) were born in the Northeast, while Winnie and I were raised in the Southwest,” revealed Steven.