by LYDIA COBB | photos by Spark Photography

Beauty From Within

faces_torki2Natashah Torki looked forward to coming back home after obtaining her bachelor’s degree at UCLA. The young entrepreneur lives in Sabre Springs, five minutes from Carmel Mountain Ranch where she grew up and graduated from Rancho Bernardo High School. “I love that our community is always evolving and growing,” said Natashah. “It’s never stagnant and it changes with the times.”

Born in Eugene, OR, Natashah and her family moved here when she was young. Her dad is a refugee from Iran. Her mom was born in India. “We are Zoroastrian, which is a very ancient Persian religion,” she shared, adding that 200,000 adherents remain in the world. Natashah is the COO of her family-owned Beauty by Dolly, a salon that specializes in eyebrow sculpting and hair removal. She’s been at it for 11 years, first as a browtist, even working during her years at UCLA. Her passion is philanthropy because her business model spreads love. It’s wrapped around the Beauty from Within Initiative.

Name: Natashah Torki
Profession: Entrepreneur
Community: Sabre Springs since 2011
Hobbies: Reading, cooking, spending time with my two nephews
Favorite Local Spot: Nutmeg Bakery & Cafe

faces_torki3“We started Beauty from Within to hire, train, and employ refugees from all over the world to become one of our amazing browtists,” said Natashah. “The initiative gives refugees an opportunity to learn English and gain a sense of community, all while helping them become independent.” Her heritage has inspired her philanthropy. She explained, “We come from a background that has been persecuted for thousands of years. Being a refugee is very common in our community.” She considers her employees to be amazing people. “They have hopes and dreams of raising their families in safety and with the same opportunities as everyone else,” she added. “All they need is a chance.”

Being an entrepreneur means that Natashah has lots of ideas for branching out, including the expansion underway at Beauty by Dolly. She mentioned she could start five businesses now if she had the time. Her time is also filled with reading. She loves walking with her dog Dexter and enjoys cooking and interior decorating. “I’m always changing up my house,” mentioned Natashah. She’s also changing lives: believing in her mantra that when you look and feel beautiful, you can do beautiful things.