by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Spark Photography

Meet Madison Ix

student_ix2According to 12-year-old Madison Ix, her love of volunteering began in elementary school. In fact, volunteering became such a large part of her life that she received the Rancho Peñasquitos Town Council’s Youth Community Service Award. Her latest volunteer project took place right here in her new home of Rancho Bernardo. “I moved to the Trails about a year ago, and recently planned and led Trails Fruit Donation Day. Working with Crop-Swap, I organized a day where my friends and family went around and gleaned fruit in the neighborhood. We were able to pick 5,000 pounds of fruit thanks to the generosity of the neighbors,” revealed Madison, who attends Bernardo Heights Middle School. When the Feeding America truck came to pick up the 15,000 servings of fruit to be given to those in need in San Diego County, Madison was filled with emotion, knowing that she and her neighbors were helping the local community.

Madison is also passionate about dance. She began dancing when she was three years old after seeing a ballet production. “My parents took me to see the Nutcracker, and it was a very inspirational moment for me. After begging my parents, I started taking classes at my preschool, and a year later, I started dancing at Scripps Performing Arts Academy,” related Madison. She has been training there ever since and has performed in seven Nutcracker productions with the studio.


Name: Madison Nicole Ix (12)
School: Bernardo Heights Middle School
Grade: 6
Parents: Joe and Nicole Ix
Sibling: Heidi Ix (9)
Favorite places in 92128: Stir Fresh and the Rancho Bernardo Library

student_ix4Hiking, swimming, crafting, and spending time with her friends and family are also among Madison’s favorite pastimes. In addition, she is a voracious reader who is working her way through all the books in the Rancho Bernardo Library’s teen section. At Bernardo Heights Middle School, Madison looks forward to attending all of her classes, but is especially fond of math and science. “I really like math and science because there is so much to explore and learn,” said Madison.

In looking to the future, Madison hopes to attend a great university and become a neuroscientist, teacher, doctor, politician, or astronaut. “In any of these fields, I would like to cure cancer, study dreams, inspire students, learn about new life forms on other planets, or become a senator,” stated Madison, who cites Sally Ride as someone who inspires her to achieve her dreams.