San Diego Soccer Club’s Under-8 boys’ team won this year’s State Cup, a welcome achievement for the growing program. “This is the first boys’ team at SDSC to win State Cup,” said Jim Flowers, the team’s coach.

The nine young boys easily got through the first round of play, scoring 16 total goals against three teams while only giving up one. “The defining game was the quarterfinals game against Legends,” Coach Flowers explained. “We have been two of the best teams this year. We beat them in Albion Cup, they beat us for United Cup. In this game, we scored in the last minute to win 2-1.”

After winning another 2-1 game in the semifinals, they faced off against an Under-9 team in the championship game for a decisive 4-1 victory. “We try very hard to play above our years, and I think it shows on the field,” said Coach Flowers. “They want to play all of the time – at our ceremony after the championship, they were asking when we have our next tournament.”