Journey of a Thousand Meditations

x_meditationsfilm492128 resident Vivian Blackstone is proud to release her new film, Journey of a Thousand Meditations: The Life and Work of Edmond Szekely. The biographical film centers around the founder of the health, mind, body movement. Szekely began work in Europe in the early 20th century, then moved to continue his work in Tahiti. He finally created Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico, the first health and fitness spa in North America.

Szekely emphasized a close relationship with nature for whole-person wellbeing. “He grew his own wheat, made whole grain bread, grew vegetables, and raised goats for fresh milk and cheese,” explained Vivian. “Szekely incorporated ancient ideas, like Sumerian baths, Swiss sun bins, the Toltec ball game, Yoga postures, and, for spiritual food, the Essene Communions.”

x_meditationsfilm2The film is a 37-minute color documentary including photos, interviews with students and loved ones, and voiceovers of Szekely’s own words.

Vivian was born in New York City and graduated from the School of Industrial Art, in addition to taking classes at NYU, New School for Social Research, School of Visual Arts, and Art Students League of New York. She later moved to Los Angeles for a career in graphic design, and discovered her love of film when she moved to San Diego in 1962. That was also when she began working with Edmond Szekely, a mentorship that lasted until 1972.

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