by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Spark Photography

Traveling Man

Ever since Jeffrey Ward was a boy, he has felt the pull of exploring new places and experiencing adventures all across the globe. “I’ve always loved maps and could draw a map of the world by age seven. I also collected stamps as a child and was fascinated by the names and designs on the stamps of places like Mozambique, French Guiana, and Nicaragua. I just wanted to see them all,” revealed Jeffrey. To-date he has visited all seven continents and 210 countries, including every country in the western hemisphere except Cuba, most of Europe, 25 African countries, 30 Asian and Middle Eastern countries, and more than 15 Pacific Ocean countries. His most recent trip was to Madagascar, Reunion, and the Comoros in the Indian Ocean.


Name: Jeffrey Kost Ward
Profession: Tax Accounting
Community: Sabre Springs since 1986
Hobbies: Travel, board games, sports, stamps
Favorite Local Spots: Café Luna, Oggi’s

When asked to pinpoint his most memorable travel experiences, Jeffrey is quick to state that there are too many to list. “However, watching the sunrise over Machu Picchu in Peru, snorkeling with penguins and seals in the Galapagos Islands, visiting the Great Wall, seeing the Egyptian pyramids, and seeing the icebergs and wildlife in Antarctica stand out in my mind,” related Jeffrey, who also cites Madagascar as a truly memorable destination. “Madagascar has unique animals – lemurs, chameleons, geckos – and a variety of terrain from rainforest to desert. The culture is also unique as it is a blend of Indonesian, African, and Arabic influences,” said Jeffrey.


As a seasoned world traveler Jeffrey is the coordinator of the San Diego chapter of the Travelers Century Club, a social organization of people who have traveled to 100 or more countries. The club was formed in 1953 in Los Angeles and today consists of 20 chapters in the United States and four other countries. “We have an official list which divides the world into 324 countries. Over the years about two dozen people have completed the list,” stated Jeffrey, who would like to visit all 193 members of the United Nations. He is currently at 124 and looks forward to the journey of visiting the remaining 69 countries.

When Jeffrey is not traveling the world, he is busy with his income tax practice located in Old Town. He can also be found enjoying local shops and parks in 92128, as well as watching football, reading, stamp collecting, and spending time with Sandra, his wife of five years. Jeffrey has two daughters and three grandchildren who reside in Northern California.