by Lydia Cobb | photos by Spark Photography

Circulatory Champions

Vascular Disease is a medical condition that affects the circulatory system. Here in Rancho Bernardo, two surgeons are making a difference with their leadership in the Vascular Care Foundation (VCF), a nonprofit organization that provides education and treatment.

Dr. Anatoly Bulkin is the founding VCF board member. “In 2014 I started the Vascular Care Foundation because the majority of patients we treat for vascular disease present with late stages of the disease,” reflected Dr. Bulkin. “Through our efforts we are able to find disease earlier and save people’s lives.” He was born in the Ukraine, moved to the states, and graduated from USC Medical School in 1993. He moved to Rancho Bernardo 12 years ago after training at Baylor College of Medicine. Here his family enjoys the open space and proximity to work and outdoor activities. Dr. Bulkin is a surgeon at the San Diego Vascular Center in Escondido.volunteer_bulkin

Dr. Bulkin explained, “It is difficult to restore health after a heart attack or stroke. It is nearly impossible to save a limb after gangrene develops. Therefore, screening and early detection is key.” Often fatal in delayed detection, an abnormal aortic aneurysm can be diagnosed by a simple ultrasound and repaired via small incisions in an outpatient setting.

Name: Anatoly Bulkin
Community: Rancho Bernardo
Volunteer Affiliation: Vascular Care Foundation
Profession: Vascular Surgeon
Family: Married, four kids
Hobbies: Mountain bike, swimming, working, helping people

Dr. Stefan Moldovan is one of the coordinating vascular surgeons at VCF. He is a provider of surgery services for Every Woman Counts, an organization that supports breast cancer patients with financial hardship. He and his wife are originally from Romania and made the U.S. home 24 years ago. The Moldovans moved here in 2004 for the school system and family-friendly community, later finding that the hiking trails are excellent too.volunteer_moldovan

“It is also our goal to raise money in order to be able to treat people with vascular problems that do not have the financial capability of obtaining the medical care they need,” added Dr. Moldovan. Approximately 95% of all donations go toward educating people about lifestyle changes and screening efforts. As the program grows VCF can pursue clinical research and advance pioneering technologies in early diagnosis and treatment.

Name: Stefan Moldovan
Community: Rancho Bernardo
Volunteer Affiliation: Vascular Care Foundation
Profession: General Vascular Surgeon
Family: Wife Adina, sons Alexander and Matthew Moldovan
Hobbies: Classical guitar, cultivating California native plants, hiking

“At night I rehearse each step of every planned surgery for the next day, even if I have done that operation a thousand times,” added Dr. Bulkin. His overarching dream is to cure vascular disease. It’s why he’s involved, along with Dr. Moldovan, to detect early disease and save lives.

Group: Vascular Care Foundation/San Diego Vascular Center
Purpose: Increase awareness and provide education and treatment for patient with vascular problems.
Contact: 760-739-7666