by LINDA FRABL | photo by Spark Photography

Duty & Service

Patti Hall, a Bernardo Heights resident for the past fifteen years, does what she can for her beloved RB surroundings. She is a representative on the Rancho Bernardo Community Council and a board member with the Rancho Bernardo Business Association, co-chairing its welcoming committee. Patti additionally is a member of the RB Historical Society and is on the HOA board at Parview Estates. Plus, she recently won the “Hats Off to Volunteer” award, and was the “RB Duck” for the past two years at the Bob Wells Memorial Duck Race at Webb Park.

Elaborating on her civic involvement, Patti proclaimed, “I have always been interested in politics and how the community is run. Nothing feels as good as giving back, paying it forward, and helping others and your community. That means so much to me.”

Growing up with both parents as military officers, a sense of duty and service was always a part of Patti’s existence. Her noble-minded upbringing provided Patti with the proper fortitude to tend to her husband, Chuck, when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease fifteen years ago. Shortly afterwards, her mother became ill and Patti, who had been laid off from her corporate job, took six months off to live in Los Angeles to care for her.

Helping her loved ones during their struggles prompted Patti to re-evaluate her own life and change her career path. She recalled, “My father always told me I would be good in real estate, and since I love helping people and have always been passionate about homes and design, I thought it might finally be the right time.”

Now working as a realtor, Patti still finds time to assist the University of San Diego and the VA with their brain research studies to hopefully find solutions for the effects of Parkinson’s disease. She is also going to donate money back to either the Parkinson’s Association, “or the charity of my client’s choice,” she said, at the closing of her home sale transactions. Thoughtful to the core, Patti admitted, “I take great pride in always doing the right thing for my clients.”

A true jetsetter, Patti recently returned from a cruise to Alaska and a visit to Victoria, British Columbia. But when she isn’t traveling, Patti enjoys her 92128 neighborhood, and she exclaimed, “I love the climate, it’s safe, it’s clean, and the people truly care about their community.”

Name: Patricia Jean Martin Hall
Profession: Realtor
Community: Bernardo Heights since 1989
Hobbies: Crafts, home decorating, animal lover
Favorite Local Spots: Bernardo Winery and Webb Park