Some people associate the word “high school” with sleep-deprived teenagers, pep rallies, and tears. The sleep deprivation and tears eventually pay off at the end of the year when students are able to go to the once-in-a-lifetime event: prom. However, prom is not the only school dance that students can look forward to throughout the year.

Last year was home to Rancho Bernardo High School’s first winter formal, another unique event that students don’t want to miss. The theme last year, “Winter Wonderland”, brought a kind of white winter that we don’t experience too often in sunny San Diego. Decked out in white, snow-like decorations, the RB Inn (the venue for winter formal) mimicked winter that one might experience in say, France or Germany. The DJ’s snowflake light acted as the lone snowflake that falls onto the untouched snowy road, giving the students a fleeting feeling of winter elsewhere. The beautiful venue along with other appeals, such as the appetizing refreshments, attracted so many students that winter formal will be repeated this year.

The advent of this dance also brought a different kind of homecoming. Instead of a formal event in which girls spend hours getting their hair and makeup done and guys rack their brains for a creative way to ask the girl of his dreams to homecoming, the dance was informal – carnival themed – allowing the event to be a casual time for friends to just have fun. Food trucks and fun games made last year’s homecoming an overwhelmingly positive experience.

This year’s theme was “Rodeo”, a theme that really relates to our school. Like last year, students had the option to dress like cowboys/cowgirls and not worry about their outfits, adding to the benefits of this informal homecoming. Food trucks, fun games, and an amazing DJ are only three of the reasons for homecoming’s success.

With one outstanding dance over, students can now look forward to winter formal, which by last year’s standard should only be phenomenal.

Jenny Jeong is a senior at Rancho Bernardo High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92128 Magazine and can be contacted at