by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Tyler McElhaney

Orthodontics for All

In 2005, a storefront opened in Carmel Mountain Plaza shopping center with a slightly different mission than most of its neighbors. This shop is in the business of healthy smiles. Keeping the community’s teeth healthy and functional for a lifetime is the mission of Carmel Plaza Orthodontics.

Many may not realize that orthodontics goes far beyond straightening crooked teeth. Crowded teeth, which can be difficult to clean, increases the chances of cavities, and misaligned teeth create a non-functional bite, causing greater wear and tear. Gum tissue can also be negatively impacted by poorly aligned teeth.

Dr. Rafail, owner of Carmel Plaza Orthodontics, shared his motivation for opening the shop: “To provide the best orthodontic treatment to our patients, to respect their desire for better health and self-improvement, and to be ethically and morally professional in all of our practice.” This motivation culminates in an experience of “exceptional treatment with unconditional care, kindness, and respect,” stated the practice’s orthodontist, Dr. Kim.

“As orthodontics specialists, we are concerned not only with teeth alignment, but with growth, health, and well-being of each patient.” ~ Dr. Kim

Braces, commonly associated with the teenage years, have proven to pay off for all ages. In fact, 40% of their patients are between the ages of 18 and 70. “We believe orthodontic treatment should be available to everyone,” acknowledged Dr. Kim. The initial consultation is free, and the team is sensitive to work with every patient’s budget.

The design of their office and treatments are critical elements of meeting their mission. The convenient location, the sports themed office, and the latest technology ensure the best quality of care. And the team is an integral part of this equation. Dr. Rafail has been in private practice in San Diego since 1990. Dr. Kim, an alumni of Rancho Bernado High School, returned to San Diego after earning his doctoral degree from University of California San Francisco and training at Columbia University. Office Manager Ezzie Diaz is also a San Diego native who strives to make every patient feel like part of the family. The entire staff at Carmel Plaza Orthodontics is working towards the same goal – to create a “comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience,” said Dr. Kim.

Orthodontics is a lifetime investment in a healthy mouth. “As orthodontics specialists, we are concerned not only with teeth alignment, but with growth, health, and well-being of each patient,” stated Dr. Kim. At Carmel Plaza Orthodontics, the team, the treatment options, and the comprehensive care ensure that every patient walks away with a beautiful smile.


Name of Business: Carmel Plaza Orthodontics CS02
Orthodontist: Jin Y. Kim DDS, MS
Office Manager: Ezzie Diaz
Years in Orthodontic Field: 8 years, including residency training
Year of Establishment: 2005
Address: 11738 Carmel Mountain Rd., Suite 174, San Diego, CA 92128
Email Contact:
Phone: 858-675-7540
Description of Business: An ethical and professional office specializing in orthodontic care providing a full range of advanced orthodontic services for adults and children. They strive to keep their office on the forefront of the latest technology, including digital radiography, and are sensitive to the concerns and special needs of adults and children. They work closely to make the experience as comfortable and flexible as possible.