Celebrating Canine Companions

Our furried friends will always be part of the family, and while we have parks for our children it makes sense to have an area just for our dogs. The Rancho Bernardo Dog Park was opened in 2004 and this year marks the tenth anniversary of the park, prompting a celebration for all the dogs who consider it their playground. Since its inception, the dog park has provided a unique place to play and interact with fellow canines and owners, thanks to the research of a dedicated group of local residents.

According to Robin Kaufman, a liaison for the dog park, what sets the Rancho Bernardo Dog Park apart in San Diego is its three pen model – one for medium dogs, one for large dogs, and one for small dogs. Each of the pens can be closed off from each other or opened to let the dogs mingle together. She remarked that the biggest challenge has been maintaining the grass from general wear and tear, but they are also looking for alternatives to conserve water in this time of drought. Future plans on the park’s wish list include adding shade structures to each pen and agility equipment for dogs and owners to interact with.

Grab the family pooch and head to the Rancho Bernardo Dog Park this Sept. 20 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Whether it be your first visit or your fifty-first, your dog can experience the park with fellow canine friends, and “human” visitors can enjoy vendor booths, free refreshments, a free opportunity drawing and more. Learn more about the dog park’s features at www.ranchobernardodogpark.com.