by linda frabl | photo by Spark Photography


This 6th grader at Meadowbrook Middle School, Ankit Bisain, gives it his all whenever he embarks on an endeavor that interests him. This has resulted in impressive achievements not just for Ankit, but for his community as well. Originally from India, Ankit now lives in the Morningside community of Sabre Springs, and at age 10 he has already made great strides with regards to playing chess, performing benevolent deeds, and leaving a positive impression on everyone around him.

Ankit first learned to play chess at age 6 when his dad taught him the basics. Since then he has joined various chess clubs in India, and is now in a chess club at his local library. As for his chess championship accomplishments, Ankit has already won first place in three local tournaments: the 2013 San Diego Scholastic Summer Chess Tournament (novice section), the 2013 Coronado Chess Championship (intermediate section), and the 2014 San Diego All-County Chess Tournament (junior division). He also placed second in the 2014 KLA (Keiller Leadership Academy) Spring Open (advanced section). It isn’t always cutthroat competitions for Ankit though, as he revealed, “Some of my friends also love chess, and we play against each other just for fun.”

When he’s not mastering his chess skills, Ankit is mastering his favorite school subjects: math (“I enjoy solving problems”) and social studies (“All the stories about our history are very interesting, and we can learn a lot from them”). To unwind, Ankit plays tennis, reads, and indulges in video games. As for the latter, Ankit admitted, “I really like video games, and when my dad downloaded a video game programming software on my laptop, I couldn’t stop!” Naturally, when Ankit grows up he hopes to become a video game designer. Displaying his usual graciousness, Ankit added, “In the future I would also like to take care of my parents when they grow old.”

It shouldn’t surprise us that Ankit has a charitable side to him. While still living in India, Ankit volunteered to sell calendars to raise funds for “Save the Tiger” programs. In addition, when he was a 5th grader at Creekside Elementary, Ankit collected donations for cancer research. He proclaimed, “I would like to volunteer more of my time to make the world a better place.” Spoken like a true champ!

Name: Ankit Bisain (10)
School: Meadowbrook Middle School
Grade: 6
Parents: Abhijeet Bisain (Father) and Ritu Chaba (Mother)
Sibling: Aditya Bisain (5)
Favorite Places in 92128: My home, the library, my school and the neighborhood park