Raising the Bar

The Zeilers love to walk, but maybe that’s an understatement. Perhaps you’ve seen them charging up Battle Mountain in Rancho Bernardo. “We love that climb and the view is beautiful from the top,” described Sarah Zeiler. An active family (Rick Zeiler is a former golf pro), the Zeiler family motto is “Never Quit.” Their children, Ellie Jane, age 9, and 8-year-old twins, Benjamin Sidney and William Richard, are involved in sports and the arts at Chaparral Elementary.

They moved from 4S Ranch five years ago to The Trails in Rancho Bernardo, where they appreciate the trees and the joy of neighbors they adore.

Years ago they met in a bar during Sarah’s business trip to New York City, but that’s no surprise. Rick was marketing director, and Sarah PR director, for the New York-based company that created Grey Goose vodka and built Jagermeister domestically. They married in 2001. With combined expertise in consumer goods promotions, they started their own company a year and a half ago.

“We set out to create a new shot brand with a lot of our friends and colleagues from the music and action sports industries,” mentioned Sarah. They created a blend of aged whiskey, herbs and spices from around the world, yet with half the sugar of competing brands. In other words, a smooth “back of the bar” blend. In 2013, COLDCOCK American Herbal Whiskey was launched and is fast-growing.

The kids are growing up too. Ellie plays basketball, performs in musicals, practices guitar and has an “incredible golf swing” according to Mom. Ben and Will both play basketball and wrestle on the Poway Slammers team. Each Zeiler sibling is independent in his and her own ways. “We’ve always tried to treat the twins as two unique people and they definitely want that,” shared Sarah.

The Zeilers are active in the community, supporting the Chabad of Poway where their children attended preschool and Hebrew school. The kids practice golf at Oaks North Golf Course in the junior program. As a family, they also mountain bike, and ski and snowboard in Mammoth. Rick and Sarah have also begun to practice yoga.

“Our marriage and family comes first. Our health and time together matters most,” shared Sarah. Perhaps that’s why it’s touching to her that they often all share one bathroom. They remind themselves that it won’t be long before the kids are more independent, so they cherish the closeness, and all its five toothbrushes.


The Zeiler Family

Parents: Rick and Sarah Zeiler
Children: Ellie Jane Zeiler (9) 4th grade Chaparral Elementary; Twins – William Richard Zeiler (8) and Benjamin Sidney Zeiler (8), both 2nd graders at Chaparral
Community: The Trails in Rancho Bernardo
Hometown: Rick – Ridgecrest, CA; Sarah – Chicago, IL
Profession: Founders and Creators of COLDCOCK American Herbal Whiskey
Pets: Teddy the baby Labradoodle
(RIP Puffin the Chihuahua Summer 2013)