92128 Offers the Carroll Family Access to the Outdoors

Between moose hunting and mountaineering, Jacob and Rachel Carroll have found time to settle into their Sabre Springs community, start a family, and continue to pursue their passion for adventure. The high school sweethearts, originally from Montrose, CO, appreciate 92128’s access to the outdoors. Today, the Carroll family is living a slice of the mountain lifestyle in Southern California.

This past summer, their eight-year-old son, Jack, climbed the Mountaineer’s Route on Mt. Whitney. The younger children, Mali Mae, 6, and Beau, 4, aren’t far behind. The kids love the outdoors and sports.

Jacob and Rachel have a few of their own bragging rights. “Combined, Rachel and I have climbed over sixty fourteen-thousand-foot peaks and hundreds of others,” Jacob explained. The best evidence of the adventurous life may be Jacob’s trophy moose head from his Alaskan hunting trip in 2007. Bagging a record moose would have been story enough, but when Rachel went into labor two weeks early with Mali Mae back at home, Jacob’s adventure skills were put to the test. He scrambled to get out of the backcountry, a trip which involved rafts, dead engines, satellite phones, a floatplane, and a red-eye flight, just missing Mali Mae’s birth by a morning.

Living close to nature was a deciding factor to settle in Sabre Springs. “Our neighborhood is mature, with plenty of full-grown trees, and borders hundreds of acres of open hills, giving us access to nature and wildlife – and giving nature and wildlife access to us,” Jacob shared. “We regularly have raccoons, opossums, red-tailed hawks and great horned owls on our property. We didn’t grow up in the city, so we like the nature contact, especially for our kids.”

Time around the house is spent focused on family and avoids electronics. The tree house, sand box, and pool provide the entertainment. “We don’t own video games and we have strict limits on tv,” Jacob related. During their “down time,” Rachel loves baking, and Jacob is a pencil sketch artist.

The work week is in sharp contrast from their weekend adventures. Jacob, a Texas A&M graduate, is the president of a real estate private equity firm. Rachel, formerly a nurse in the surgical intensive care unit at Sharp Memorial Hospital, is a full time mother.

In the midst of San Diego, the Carroll family found fulfillment in the nature of 92128 and the mountains beyond. With a strong sense of adventure and appreciation for the simple life, the Carrolls will always have a good story to tell.

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Parents: Jacob Carroll (40), Rachel Carroll (39)
Children: Jack Carroll (8) 3rd grade, Mali Mae Carroll (6) Kindergarten, Beau Carroll (4) Preschool at home
Community: Sabre Springs since 1999
Hometown: Both from Montrose, CO
Profession: Jacob – President of real estate private equity firm; Rachel – former RN/homemaker
Pet: Harvey the water frog