Elite Pediatric Dentistry
providing care to your family and the community

Elite Pediatric Dentistry has been serving the families of the Rancho Bernardo and surrounding communities for over a year now. They provide comprehensive dental care to children of all ages, from infants to young adults, as well as children with special health care needs. Dr. Femme Ambrosio and her staff appreciate every one that walks through their doors. “I didn’t want to just be another dental office in the area, I wanted to be a part of the community,” said Dr. Ambrosio. The office supports schools, the local library and various foundations in the community.

At Elite Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Femme Ambrosio and her staff strive to create a positive experience for every patient, every day. “We are a small boutique practice and are focused on each family’s needs. We encourage open communication and take time to explain prevention plans, treatment and procedure options and finances,” described Dr. Ambrosio, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist.

[quote] “It is the friendly and compassionate staff at Elite Pediatric Dentistry that truly sets the practice apart.” [/quote]

According to Dr. Ambrosio, having a boutique practice allows her the time necessary ensure that children and parents have a positive experience and receive the best possible care. She understands that each child is unique and must be treated as such, which is an important aspect of a child’s overall health. “These visits can be overwhelming and we hope that by getting to know each child individually will help create a positive environment,” explained Dr. Ambrosio.

Parents are welcome in the treatment rooms, all of which are private and not in an open setting with other families. “A lot of thought was put into the planning of the practice. I wanted people to feel welcomed and never wanted a family to feel overlooked or rushed,” said Dr. Ambrosio.

It is the friendly and compassionate staff at Elite Pediatric Dentistry that truly sets the practice apart. Dr. Ambrosio has worked in various pediatric dental offices throughout the country and learned a great deal from each experience. When she decided to open her own practice, she and her staff not only have the knowledge, but the skills and personality to provide the best care to patients. “From the moment a parent calls to schedule an appointment, to the time a family walks out the door, they are treated with care,” said Dr. Ambrosio.

Dr. Ambrosio is a native San Diegan and a mother, both of which she feels serve her well in her practice. Dr. Ambrosio is a mother to Bennett (3) and Amelie (2), and recently had her third child, Camdyn, this past November. “Being a mother has really changed the way I practice. As a mother, I can see the three different relationships involved – the doctor, parent, and child. My goal for every child is that they are healthy, safe and happy.”

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Name of Business: Elite Pediatric Dentistryelite
Owner/Manager: Dr. Femme Ambrosio
Years in Position: 5 years
Year of Establishment: 1 year
Address: 16918 Dove Canyon Rd., Suite 204 San Diego, CA 92127
Website: www.elitepediatricdentistry.com
Email contact: femmeambrosio@gmail.com
Phone: (858) 451-5400
Description:  Elite Pediatric Dentistry is a boutique practice focused on providing personalized, quality care in a supportive, informative and nurturing environment.