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Deacons Baseball Club Challenges its Players to Showcase their Skills

If you know of someone who lives, eats, sleeps and breathes baseball, then the San Diego Deacons Baseball Club travel team might be the perfect choice for him. Founded a year ago by coaches Keith Johnson and Kyle Owsley, both of whom earned their team management skills by working with the North County-based Black Mountain Ballers League, the Deacons Baseball Club is geared to the true baseball fanatic.

“We provide high-energy, goal-driven practices at Mount Carmel High School on a weekly basis. Also, we participate in as many games and tournaments as we can in order for our players to showcase their talent, skill and what they have learned at practice in a competitive setting,” explained Kyle. It is also not uncommon for the players to “play up” in age so that they can experience baseball in an environment that best suits their abilities, without the usual league limitations.

3The Deacons Baseball Club is open to any baseball player interested in improving his mastery of the sport, regardless of where he may live. “We don’t deny any player who shows the dedication, passion and skill set necessary to become a great baseball player. We have no affiliation to any high school, and we don’t show preference to any community over another,” Keith emphasized.

Every coach working for the Deacons Baseball Club has either played or coached for a high school or college team. The professional backgrounds of the coaches enable a higher level of learning for the players. Kyle acknowledged, “Our practices are set up in a college-like practice setting, so it challenges our players to constantly rise to the level of expectation rather than allow them to walk through practice.” Additionally, every month a player evaluation is sent to the parents, so specific skills can be reinforced at home.2

If you’re concerned that the league may be too narrow-minded in its focus on baseball to fully embrace all the other virtues these players may have, worry no more. Deacons Baseball Club strives to encourage good citizenship in its players. “We do our best to find community service opportunities and volunteer projects to be a part of,” Keith proclaimed, adding, “We are open to working with every player so all of them can not only become the best baseball players possible, but we’ll also help them grow as young men.”

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Team Name: San Diego Deacons Baseball Club
Coaches/Volunteers: Jeff Johnson, Nick Rodieck, Chachi Mueller, Jim Scherer, Greg Atkinson
Mission: To better prepare their players for the future, by providing them the best knowledge and skill necessary to compete at the highest levels of this great game. It will be up to the players to take these lessons and apply them to the best of their ability, talent and potential.
Website: www.leaguelinup.com/sddeacons
Phone: 858-442-1453 and 858-437-1441
Email: deacons.baseball@yahoo.com
Social Media: www.facebook.com/sddeacons

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