Meadowbrook Middle School held its Annual Career Fair in late May. The purpose of the Career Fair was to provide students with a forum to explore future career options. The school invited parents and community members to have the opportunity to share their careers and responsibilities while hosting a table of information to share with students. Students were engaged in photo lessons, documented the event in film, participated in activities that local business members do on a regular basis and even learned from executives of Bridgepoint Education. The event was the ideal way to make a difference in the lives of the Meadowbrook students by connecting them to the resources available in the local business community. The students walked away from the day with a passport full of stamps given out by participating professionals. Student Services Specialist at Meadowbrook Middle, Carmen Aguilar, among other staff members, were pleased with the outcome of the annual event and look forward to bringing it to the campus again next year.Students_filming_the_Career_Fair_for_the_Meadowbrook_News