[heading]by WYNNE LOVE[/heading]

“I always thought how wonderful it would be if each of us had a tool belt filled with exactly what we needed to build an extraordinary life,” reflected Siobhan McKenna. So she found one. In her book, Imagineering Your Life, she describes the tools we all can use to create the life we want.

A systems engineer by trade, Siobhan knows what it takes to transform complex designs into functional realities. She has found that applying those same engineering principles to your life can make your dreams a reality as well. “The notion that individuals could be the architects of their own lives resonates deeply inside me,” she explained. “Every decision you make is like another line on the drawing board of your life. You are literally ‘imagineering your life.’”

Siobhan studied mechanical engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, earned her B.A. from Arizona State University’s Architecture School and then a second degree in computer science from Coleman University in San Diego. After 17 years designing complex computer systems for the aerospace and defense industry while also working to deduce the secrets of successful people, Siobhan was inspired to share what she learned.

The result is a book that guides readers through seven principles for creating “a complete and wonderful life,” with a forward by renowned business consultant and The One Minute Manager co-author, Ken Blanchard. He offers high praise for Siobhan. “I am a big fan of McKenna-Imagineering-LGSiobhan McKenna,” he wrote. “I love her energy, positive attitude and enthusiasm for life.”

Now Siobhan spends much of her time traveling and sharing her book. “My greatest fulfillment is to share with those closest to me and others what I have experienced in this life, and how the lessons I have learned may help each and everyone have the happiest, most fulfilled life,” shared Siobhan. “In my heart, I know if I can help one person it’s all worth it.”

A 16-year resident of Rancho Bernardo, Siobhan enjoys hiking through its hills and visiting the Rancho Bernardo Inn. “It’s a little piece of paradise in our own backyard,” observed Siobhan. She also enjoys spending time with her two nephews. Find her book on Amazon or at her website, www.imagineeringyourlife.com.