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Ana Schain moved to Carmel Mountain Ranch over five years ago and she got busy! Ana is very active volunteering in the classroom for her two children, Ethan (13) and Jordana (7). “I have volunteered almost every school year since I arrived,” explained Ana. “I’ve also worked as team mom for my daughter’s Rancho Bernardo Youth Lacrosse team.”

In light of budget cuts in local schools, Ana identified and filled a real need in the community. “My efforts are useful because they reduce the teacher’s workload as they are stretched thin with resources and increased class sizes,” said Ana. “I like being able to spend time with mine and other children in contributing to enriching their learning.”

A new venture for Ana has been setting up an interior design business. After graduating from a university in Peru, she worked with architects designing home plans. From there, she helped friends by creating new designs within a modest budget.

“Your home should be a space that reflects your individual personality and should be one that is inviting and warm. My husband says every time he enters the front door he does not know what to expect because I like to make frequent, small changes to refresh my mood. I am always rearranging furniture and changing pictures or repainting a room,” described Ana.

Besides volunteering and interior design, Ana loves nature, animals, cooking, gardening and meditation. “My hobbies are staying active, reading about spirituality, nutrition and most of all learning to be in the present,” she said. Ana also enjoys spending time with her family. She proudly explained, “Ethan is my nonstop athlete who loves playing lacrosse and basketball. He is extremely caring and treats me like a princess always spoiling me in every way. Jordana has a deep passion for animals and is always talking about growing up and saving different kinds of animals facing extinction or those in danger.”

This busy mom is also preparing for another career as an esthetician. She is currently setting up a studio in her home to do eyelash extensions. From schools, to homes and faces, Ann Schain seems to be helping everywhere.

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Name: Ana Schain
Age: 47
Community: Walden – Carmel Mountain Ranch
Volunteer Affiliation: Shoal Creek Elementary School Team Parent
Occupation: Housewife, Interior Design/Staging,Eyelash Extensions, Esthetician Student
Family: Husband – Dave; Son – Ethan (13); Daughter – Jordana (7)