[heading]by Alexa Clausen, Parent Volunteer RBHS Friends of the Library[/heading]

Last year, the RBHS library recorded the most book checkouts/per student than in any of the previous years. On average, 1300 students/day use the library for instruction, research, designing PowerPoints or Prezis, homework, and printing. The library can do this only with the help of a non-profit organization, the RBHS Friends of the Library (FOL).

The primary goal of the FOL is to raise money for much needed staffing and books to supplement the continuing drastic budget cuts. Linda Gannon, FOL President, and board members, Liz Schwartz and Sharon Ellison work closely with Teacher/Librarian Benn von Wistinghausen to secure funding through grants to advance new technology for the library. Recently, the FOL received a $5,000 grant from RB Community Foundation to purchase e-books.

This hard-working organization has been challenged to raise $30,000 this school year. Many small and large sources of funding are pursued and secured by FOL members. Dick Mason, founder of the FOL has collected the most donations for the FOL share in the on-line auction. With a twinkle in his eye and the library cause in his heart, donors have a tough time turning him away. Shirley Black, who now has a grandson attending RBHS promotes the FOL cause by organizing used book sales and the holiday gift-wrap event at the Mt. Carmel Barnes and Noble. For more information on how to support the FOL visit www.rbhsfriendsofthelibrary.org.