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Lorretta Shughrue has always enjoyed helping people, and families at Shoal Creek Elementary School are her current beneficiaries.

Trained in school and professional counseling at USD, Lorretta has worked with many charitable organizations over the years, including Girlfriends Care and Brother Benno’s. Now that she’s home raising her two sons, Andrew, 8, and Ethan, 3, with her stepson, Chris, 23, at graduate school (studying environmental physics at Yale); she devotes her time almost exclusively to Shoal Creek.

“Since Andrew, my oldest son, started elementary school, I’ve spent my volunteer time at his school,” explained Lorretta. “I love being in the classroom because that’s where my child can see my greatest impact.”

But that is just a portion of the time Lorretta gives to SCES. She also serves on the PTA and as Chair of the SCES Foundation, where she helps raise thousands of dollars for the school. “Our monetary goal this year is to reach $50,000,” noted Lorretta. “This money will continue to support our music teacher, computer specialist, educational software for every student, books for the library, school supply budget per child, and more.”

Lorretta enjoys all kinds of creative pursuits, including web design, event planning, and even song-writing. This summer, she will celebrate her tenth anniversary with her husband, Mike, and appreciates his devoted support of her volunteer efforts. “Sometimes projects and volunteer time can tip the balance away from family time,” admitted Lorretta. “I do my best to stay focused knowing that my greatest gifts are at home.”

92128 residents can support Lorretta’s efforts as well. Enjoy treats at SCES’s Otter Café on Fridays or chow down at McTeacher Night, where SCES earns 20% of sales and Sam Rasoul of Keller Williams Realty matches all tips. Attend Parents’ Night Out on Friday, April 5th, at the Del Mar Marriott with celebrity auctioneer, Vic Salazar.

Easiest of all, earn the school 7% of all your holiday purchases by shopping through Shoal Creek’s Amazon link, 2-15% ordering gift cards through ShopWithScrip.com, and even more by registering your Ralphs, Vons, Target, and Jamba Juice cards using the instructions at the Foundation website: www.ShopShoalCreek.com. Increasing participation in these “zero cost” fundraisers is Lorretta’s primary goal. “The potential is phenomenal,” Lorretta observed. “Family and friends around the globe can help us raise money.”

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Name:  Lorretta Shughrue
Name of Group:  Shoal Creek Educational Foundation
Contact Information:  www.ShopShoalCreek.com
Age:  40
Community:  Carmel Mountain Ranch
Occupation:  I earned a School Counseling Credential and Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from USD in 2004.  Since then I’ve focused primarily on raising my children, although I’ve dabbled in things like book production, hypnotherapy, and web-design.
Family:  Husband: Mike; Sons: Andrew (8), Ethan (3); Stepson: Chris (23)

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