Andy Bello, owner of The Tankless Plumber, has lived in Rancho Bernardo since 1979 and has deep roots in the community. “We are a locally-owned, family-owned business and living in 92128 is a huge part of our lives,” said Bello, who is happy to be helping his fellow 92128 residents solve their plumbing problems. The Tankless Plumber is a service and repair plumbing company that does everything from drain cleaning and toilet repairs to all plumbing requirements for bathroom and kitchen remodels.

As stated by Bello, when a customer calls for plumbing service, he’ll visit the residence or business in order to make a diagnostic inspection and assess the problem. “I always listen to the customer and let them explain exactly what is wrong and what they’ve been noticing,” related Bello. He will then determine what repairs are necessary and give an estimate of the cost, along with an approximate start and finish time.

[pullquote_left] “We are a locally-owned, family-owned business and living in 92128 is a huge part of our lives.”  ~Andy Bello Owner, The Tankless Plumber [/pullquote_left]

With over 40 years in the plumbing industry, Bello values honesty and integrity. “I warranty everything 100% and stand behind my workmanship, as well as the materials I supply,” stated Bello. He is committed to giving his customers the best products and services he can offer, including state-of-the-art plumbing solutions. Bello has served on the Board of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractor’s Association, a group that is dedicated to the advancement and education of the industry.

The Tankless Plumber is also a NORITZ-certified dealer and installer of tankless water heaters. NORITZ introduced the first modern electronically controlled tankless water heaters in 1981, and today is one of the leading manufacturers of this type of technology. According to Bello, tankless water heaters provide continuous hot water, reduce energy usage and are compact in size, as compared to traditional water heaters. “The maintenance/diagnostic codes are displayed on the remote controls simplifying service calls, and there is a direct electronic ignition, meaning there’s no standing pilot,” explained Bello. He also points out that tankless water heaters have a very low noise level and have a life expectancy of 20-plus years.

In order to show customers how The Tankless Plumber can make a positive difference in their homes or businesses, Bello is offering a $150 discount on any water heater installation, including a tankless water heater scale filter. ¢

For additional information contact 858-864-2567 or

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Name of Business:  The Tankless Plumber

Owner/Manager:  Andy Bello

Year of Establishment:  1979

Address:  16767 Bernardo Center Dr. San Diego, CA 92128


Phone:  858-864-2567

License Number:  435494

Services:  Plumbing Fixtures, Remodels,Drains, Tankless Water Heaters, Kitchen Remodel, Cabling, Lavatory Faucet, Bathroom Remodel, Hydro jetting, Commercial Kitchen, Camera & Locate, Valves & Risers, Residential Remodels, Branch / Mainline, Garbage Disposal, Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Drains, Kitchen Sink, Toilet Installs, Shower Drains, Lavatory Sinks, Bath Tub Drains

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