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Some families simply dabble in random activities here and there, and then move on to the next thing. Then there’s the Groesbeck family, whose focused commitment to their various passions have led them toward unparalleled levels of success and distinction. Comprised of dad Peter, mom Jeani, daughter Brooke (age 27), and twin sons Alex and Brady (age 17), this Bernardo Heights family continually flourishes in each of their impressive endeavors.

As the patriarch of this dynamic brood, Peter, a Point Loma native, sets high standards as a professional yacht captain, and as a frequent participant in numerous marlin fishing tournaments. Considered one of the west coast’s premier marlin fishermen, Peter has had exciting fishing expeditions in such exotic destinations as Mexico, the South Pacific, Costa Rica and Panama. “I love fishing…anywhere, anytime!” Peter proudly admitted.

Jeani, a Michigan native whose family moved to Rancho Bernardo in 1969, works as the Director of Marketing for the Carlsbad-based Always There Home Care, a home care assistance service for seniors. When she’s not helping elders, she said, “I love spending time with my kids, however possible!” She also loves hiking, adding, “anything that looks like a hill or a mountain should be climbed!” That “go for it” attitude has obviously been passed on to her accomplished children.

Daughter Brooke, a graduate of the Marinello School of Beauty, is a professional hair stylist and make-up artist at La Jolla’s Diesel Salon. An expert in her field, Brooke most recently did the hair and make-up on the Chargers cheerleaders for their upcoming Charger Girls Calendar.

The twins, seniors at Del Norte High School, are both avid sports aficionados. Alex, a soccer enthusiast, plays goalie on both his varsity team and on the Rancho Santa Fe Attack team, and plans to join the Major League Soccer Real Salt Lake Academy team this spring. Brady, a baseball fanatic, not only plays on his varsity team, but also for the A.B.D. (Amateur Baseball Development) Academy, and for the Padres Organization’s Scout team.

[quote]“Anything that looks like a hill or a mountain should be climbed!”

– Jeani Groesbeck[/quote]

So how does this busy family ensure lasting memories together? By turkey bowling every Thanksgiving, of course! Jeani explained, “It’s done with frozen water bottles, a plastic bowling lane, and frozen turkeys used as bowling balls. Usually neighbors come to watch – in horror! – and it’s all great fun!” We can’t think of a more appropriate activity for the goal-driven, yet fun-loving Groesbecks!

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Parents: Peter and Jeani Groesbeck
Community: Bernardo Heights
Parents Hometown: Peter; Born in Point Loma, Jeani; Born in Michigan
Parents Occupation: Peter; Professional Yacht Captain, Jeani; Director of Marketing for Always There Home Care
Children: Brooke (27), Alex (17), Brady (17)
Pets: Charlie, a 12 ½ year old Sheppard, Willy, a 6 ½ year old Dachshund

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