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Enthusiastic Educator
“Twenty years ago I would never have imagined I would be a principal – much less the principal of Rancho Bernardo High School,” admitted David LeMaster, newly appointed principal of RB High.  “However, as I look back on my experiences outside and within education, I am convinced this is a perfect match.”
Originally from the Los Angeles area, David LeMaster earned his B.A. at Cal Poly and his Masters at Cal State San Marcos.  He began his work in education assisting in English Language Development classes.  “I loved the energy and feel of being in a class, working with kids, and knew I wanted to teach,” he shared.   He worked as an English teacher and as Assistant Principal of Poway
High and Westview before coming to RB High.

[pullquote_right] “I loved the energy and feel of being in a class, working with kids, and knew I wanted to teach.”  ~ David LeMaster [/pullquote_right]

Committed Collaborator
LeMaster is well aware of the impact his decisions can have on the students he serves.  “As an administrator, I have the unique opportunity and moral imperative to make sure that teachers and staff are supported in ways that ensure all students are prepared to succeed,” said LeMaster.
To ensure they get the best education possible, LeMaster solicits input from all areas and works to bring those ideas together into a combined vision.  “Parents, teachers, students or community leaders all have an idea of how a school should best meet the needs of its students and staff as continuous learners,” explained LeMaster.  “I am most proud of my work in pulling people together to discuss, debate and plan ways to best meet the needs of our students.”

Student Advocate
“I was not the most academic or studious member of my class,” remembered LeMaster.  “I can relate to and understand students that are not connected, don’t experience success all the time and struggle to find relevance in school.”  He makes connections with those students through his genuine interest in them.  “I get to see the best and the brightest kids do amazing things and go on to outstanding colleges.  At the same time, to see a student who struggles in school and does not fit in turn things around and graduate with a plan gives me the same satisfaction.”
LeMaster makes the most of his free time by spending it outdoors at the beach or visiting family up north with his wife, Angela, his two children and the family dog.