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Mark Luban D.D.S. made it the mission of Carmel Mountain Dentistry to provide patients with affordable care in the most inviting, supportive and nurturing manner possible. His practice, which is located on Rancho Carmel Drive by Ted Williams Parkway, offers a full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry, specializing in porcelain veneers, dental implants, crowns and bridges. Dr. Luban’s treatment philosophy is geared toward enhancing, maintaining and restoring the natural appearance of his patients’ teeth. “Our focus on cutting-edge aesthetic and cosmetic techniques further supports our commitment to provide the best overall long term dental care and enable our patients to look and feel their best”, said Dr. Luban.

Carmel Mountain Dentistry believes in preventative care and its importance in a patient’s overall dental health. In addition to providing routine cleanings, sealants and fluoride treatments, Dr. Luban performs thorough and comprehensive oral examinations, including oral cancer and periodontal exams.Carmel Mountain Dentistry is proud to be able to provide dental treatment for the entire family. Children 3+ years are welcome, as well as teenagers, adults and seniors.

Emergency dental care is also an integral part of Carmel Mountain Dentistry. Dr. Luban has helped numerous people in distress, whether it’s an acute toothache or an unfortunate accident. Dr. Luban shares with us the following story…. “The call came in at 6:00 pm, a young woman visiting California got swept off her surfboard breaking a couple of teeth and knocking a few others loose. She had been frantically making phone calls and was unable to find anyone to help her when she called us. We told her to come right in.” With the help of their dedicated assistants, Dr. Luban and his staff treated and reconstructed her teeth. “The patient left in good spirits, her face still bruised, but her smile restored,” explained Dr. Luban. This is only one of many such emergency situations where Carmel Mountain Dentistry has been there to provide help.

According to Dr. Luban, his aspiration is to alleviate the fear and anxiety many people feel about dental visits. The practice is focused on making patients feel comfortable about dental treatments and procedures as well as ensuring the patient’s involvement in each step of the process. “For over 19 years in private practice – we have been carefully listening to our patients, considering their needs and their budget – and then partnering with them in restoring and maintaining their dental health” said Dr. Luban.

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Owner: Dr. Mark Luban, DDS
Address: 10175 Rancho Carmel Drive #126
Website: www.carmelmountaindentistry.com
Email: info@carmelmountaindentistry.com
Phone: 858-675-9055
Fax: 858-675-9040

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