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As far back as she can remember, Chloe Jordache has always dreamed of being an entertainer. “My parents told me that when I was little I used to tell them everyday that I would be a famous singer when I grew up,” recalled Chloe. Today, at seventeen years old, she is clearly on her way.

With a talent for singing, dancing, acting and songwriting, Chloe knows that being a young success doesn’t come without a lot of practice. “I train every week with my vocal and acting coach as well as practice daily vocal warm ups,” explained Chloe. Her hard work has certainly paid off. At just twelve years old, Chloe recorded her first original song and started performing on school tours. At thirteen, she performed in a vocal tribute to Quincy Jones. “It was an honor to meet him and talk to him,” beamed Chloe. “He whispered motivational advice to me that I will cherish and never forget.” She has now performed in over 300 venues and has a substantial fan base. “I have a lot of fans that have been supporting me over the years and I am very grateful for their encouragement and continued support,” said Chloe. “They keep me motivated to continue to work hard and achieve my goals.”

Another source of motivation for Chloe is the support she receives from her parents. “My mom and dad are my biggest fans,” stated Chloe. “They believe in me and support me one hundred percent. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am right now.”

Although Chloe admits that it can be difficult to balance her career with her studies and social life, she seems to have her priorities straight. “I always make sure that no matter what it is I do, it’s always important to leave time for fun,” said Chloe.

Chloe graduated this June from Ranch Bernardo High School and plans to attend college studying music and English. “Ultimately, I want to attend NYU at the Clive Davis School of Music,” explained Chloe. After college, she hopes to complete an album, perform on a world tour, and eventually settle down and have a family. “I wish to continue with my music and song writing for as long as I can,” said Chloe. “But as of right now, I just live in the moment.”

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Stage Name: ChloeJ
Age: 17
School: Rancho Bernardo High
Residence: Rancho Bernardo
Parents: David and Desiree Jordache

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