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At the core of volunteerism is a desire to help people and make a difference. So when a neighbor knocked on Jerry Sack’s door to ask him to sign a petition for a stop sign installation, that was all it took to get him involved with the Rancho Bernardo Community Council. “I not only signed this petition, but I advised my neighbors that if they needed any assistance with writing and justifying the request or making the presentation, I would be more than willing,” said Jerry.

Jerry’s career choices show that he has always been helping people. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy at age 17 and thus began his illustrious 35 year career in the federal government with various jobs in the U.S. Fire Service. Highlights of his career included a stint as Fire Chief at the U.S. Naval Academy and as the first civilian Marine Corps Fire Chief at MCAS Miramar.

People who know Jerry may be surprised that he was able to go from being a self-proclaimed workaholic and perfectionist in his career, to a happy retiree who enjoys a quieter life with his wife, Ann, in the Seven Oaks neighborhood of Rancho Bernardo. Even so, it was just one knock on the front door from his neighbor that propelled Jerry into a new way of helping his community with the RB Community Council. In order to get that stop sign approved, he conducted research into city government policies and regulations, made the presentation to the Traffic and Transportation Committee, and the request was approved.

From there Jerry continued to attend the Council meetings and then became involved with various committees. Later, he was selected to the RB Community Council as a member-at-large. “I truly enjoy every minute of every challenge to make the community of Rancho Bernardo the very best in the City of San Diego,” stated Jerry. “To be able to listen to the input of the citizens, hear their feedback and concerns, and to solve the problem at hand with favorable results is truly ‘making a difference.’”

Like many volunteers, Jerry knows we can all make a difference. “You too can get involved in our community,” said Jerry, “simply by attending the RB Community Council meetings and voicing your opinions during the ‘Residents Remarks’ portion or by contacting a council member.”

Thanks for your service, Jerry.

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Name: Jerry Paul Sack
Residence: RB/ Seven Oaks
Affiliation: Rancho Bernardo Community Council (RBCC)
Profession: Fire Chief (Retired)
Family: Married
Interests: Ice Hockey, Military History

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