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John and Michelle Headley began their romance while living in the same college dorm as undergraduates in Michigan. Their relationship continued to blossom as they earned their master’s degrees (both graduated with honors), and now John, an engineer, and Michelle, a nurse practitioner, are a lovely family of four (with Josie, age 8, and Ben, age 4).

The Headleys moved from Detroit to their current home in Bernardo Heights three years ago with no regrets. As Michelle explained, “San Diego is full of culture and interesting people and places. We are never bored on the weekend as there is always something to see and do.” The family especially loves the beach, riding their bikes (including John’s Honda Rebel motorcycle, which the parents ride on date nights), attending the theatre and enjoying Padres games (and no, the Headley’s are not related to Padres player Chase Headley – “Although we say he’s family when he plays well!” John joked).

Even with these local attractions beckoning them, the family still makes time for exotic vacations. “We love to travel around the world. Josie’s first country to visit was South Korea and Ben’s was Germany,” Michelle said. It should come as no surprise that the worldly Headley children attend a Spanish immersion school. In fact, the Headleys chose to live in the Poway School District so the children could attend Valley Elementary’s program.

When not traveling overseas or studying Spanish, children Josie and Ben both love gymnastics and playing at the local playgrounds. Josie also squeezes in ballet, piano and swimming – her latest wish is to learn how to surf! “Our kids take pleasure in simple things too, such as being able to pick a lemon off the tree or watching a hummingbird at a bush right next to our patio table,” Michelle exclaimed.

Speaking of the patio, Michelle revealed, “We love the view of the mountains from our patio and try to eat as many meals as we can outside to enjoy the beauty.” The vegetarian family (except Ben) buys most of their food for these meals from the Poway Farmer’s Market. “The vendors know us by name,” John proclaimed, adding, “We eat most meals as a family and value this time together. My mom told us that a family that eats together stays together.”

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Parents: John and Michelle Headley
Residence: Bernardo Heights
Since: 2009
Hometowns: Detroit, Michigan
Occupations: Engineer, Nurse Practitioner
Children: Josephine “Josie”  (8) Benjamin “Ben” (4)
Pets: Newman (cat) adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center

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