[heading] By: Wynne Love [heading]

If you like choral music with a kick, keep your June 8th weekend open. The RB Chorale, a 140-member choir, combines great music, fabulous costumes, and a variety of talents to surprise and entertain their audiences, while benefiting budding musicians. The Chorale has won awards for their musicianship, including the Bronze Cup in Verona, Italy’s 2005 International Choral Competition, but their real focus is on the awards they give others.

[quote] “They have won awards for their musicianship…but their real focus is on the gifts they award others.” [/quote]

The mission of the Chorale is to bring the gift of song to their community and lift the spirits of their audiences and each other, but this non-profit organization is also dedicated to raising money for aspiring musicians.

“While performing is pure pleasure (and a lot of hard work),” said Chorale founder and director Pat Bean, “our goal is to raise at least $10,000 to award as scholarships to musically talented San Diego County high school graduating students.

Now in their 38th year, the RB Chorale has awarded close to $300,000 to high school seniors planning to pursue a musical education. And you can help. Those who attend their June concert get to contribute by more than just their ticket price. Each evening will feature performances from three of the scholarship finalists, and audience votes will help determine the scholarship amounts awarded to each.

“There are many reasons the RB Chorale is unique among all other singing groups,” said Bean, “but the single most important is their spirit.” Members meet weekly at Westwood Elementary School, rehearsing music and dance steps, building sets, creating costumes, and managing the concert planning and fundraising.

Their upcoming event, “The Magic of Music – Hits of Yesterday and Today,” will be held at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts on June 8 and 9.

Tickets are sold starting in April through the chorale web site at www.rbchorale.org, or by calling 858-485-SONG. And if you have a musical bent yourself, you might consider joining! New members are welcome at the start of any fall or spring semester.