For the past decade, Rancho Bernardo has had a volunteer that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Joe Dirks is 69 years old and not slowing down any time soon! “I feel my biggest accomplishment is working together with those who truly have Rancho in their hearts,” states Dirks.

“Joe has served on all of the RB Community Council sub-committees at one time or another, generally overlapping, being a member of them at the same time,” states Robin Kaufman, President Rancho Bernardo Community Council. “He has also been a member of most of our Adhoc committees (including the fire station renovation project when it was under the auspices of the RB Community Council), the Battery Recycling Adhoc committee, the Water Adhoc committee, and the Sidewalk Chalk Art committee,” Kaufman adds.

Dirks has served as the Recording Secretary as well as Treasurer for the Rancho Bernardo Planning Board for several years. He has also served as Treasurer for a number of years on the Rancho Bernardo Community Council. “During his first year as Treasurer, Joe came up with the idea of a tiered plan for us to invest some of our funds, so we would have access to it at any given time, but still earn interest,” states Kaufman.[quote]For the past decade, Rancho Bernardo has had a volunteer that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Dirks and his wife have two daughters and three grandchildren that all live in New York. “They get to enjoy all the cold, snow and ice,” Dirks says in a questioning manner. Dirks loves the cleanliness and happiness that seems to encompass him every day in Rancho Bernardo. In addition to volunteering for the Rancho Bernardo Community Council to help out with the town, Dirks also works for the Poway Unified School District at Meadowbrook Middle School. Working with children is not something that is new for Dirks by any means, as he is an ex-bus driver.

Dirks is also involved with many other organizations: CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), Government Relations & Utilities Committee, Municipal Assessment District (MAD) Committee, Traffic & Transportation Committee, Rancho Bernardo Planning Board Member – Regional Issues Committee, Ham Radio – General License (KG6MRH), Seven Oaks CB Net, Knights of Columbus, and Eucharistic Minister (San Rafael).

“Joe is one of the most extraordinary individuals I know in Rancho Bernardo – always giving himself for the betterment of the community and never asking for any recognition or accolades. He is one of the rare people who gives endlessly to the community and will rarely, if ever, say ‘no’ when it comes to helping to make our community a better place to live in. I see no one more deserving of being recognized in 92128 Magazine. Others should see how dedicated he is to our community,” states Kaufman.