Bill Reh got involved in the Carmel Mountain Ranch Little League when his older son, Hunter, started T-ball at age 5 back in 2002. Ten years later, he has created a force in the 92128 community that extends far beyond baseball.

Reh started out as a volunteer coach and has now helped lead four All Star teams, two of which won the district 32 Tournament of Championship. This summer’s 9/10 All Star team went on to win the Section 6 Championship and tied for third in the state.

But that is just the beginning of Bill Reh’s impact on the CMR league. “Life to me is all about family, friends and making an impact while leaving a legacy.” He is well on his way. Reh has created a variety of avenues for the players and families to join their love of baseball with service to the community.

“In early 2009, I had a vision to leverage my love for the sport of baseball as a conduit to help shape the hearts, minds and talents of young athletes to serve society,” said Reh. That vision became reality when Reh took his team to join up with one of San Diego’s most celebrated travel ball organizations. The 12u Travel Baseball program that Reh directed offered baseball training that incorporated community service. “We stressed core values of moral character, leadership, camaraderie and service while emphasizing hard-work on the field and in the classroom encouraging them to reach for their dreams.” The program was a great success and expanded in 2010 to include three San Diego teams under Reh’s direction.

Reh also spearheaded the Home Run for Chelsea Baseball Tournament in the wake of the Chelsea King tragedy. This spring, more than 1,000 players participated and the event raised $30,000 for the Chelsea’s Light Foundation.

Now Reh is working on a new project, the Future Traditions Baseball Academy. Launched in December, the Academy provides 20 ball players, aged 10-12, weekly on-field instruction by former UCSD coaches, training in nutrition and agility, instruction on the history of baseball, and leadership mentoring by stars likeTrevor Hoffman, Dennis Paulson, and Javier Colon. All this enrichment occurs alongside continued promotion of community service.

Reh lives in Carmel Mountain Ranch with his wife, Cindy. Both work in the high tech industry, but make time for Bill’s many projects as well as raising their two sons, Hunter, now 14, and Trevor, 11. Reh currently manages the Majors division for the CMR league, in which his son, Trevor, plays.

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Name:  Bill Reh
Occupation:  Internet and Software Entrepreneur, President & CEO – Phaneron Development; President & CEO – True Understanding;  Board of Advisors – SafeList;
Co-founder- TreAura Communications
Name of Group:  Carmel Mountain Little League
Purpose:  Inspire young children around the world to grow
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