1. New Year’s Resolution
If you made a New Year’s resolution, keep it. Write it down somewhere you can see it daily. Break it down into manageable chunks, set due dates, ask a friend to keep you accountable.

2. Bucket List
Pick something from your bucket list and figure out how to make it happen in 2012. Select something achievable such as travel, learning a new skill or experiencing something you have always wanted to do.

Go green this year by finding new ways to save money and the environment. Use recyclable shopping bags, cancel catalogs you no longer need, switch to energy efficient light bulbs, unplug appliances when not in use.

4. Pick a Room
Each month, pick out a room in your home to clean out and organize. Donate items that are no longer used or your kids have outgrown. Throw away items that are broken, faded, stained or out of style.

5. Eat Healthier
Shop at your local farmer’s markets and buy organic produce. Try new recipes that use healthy alternatives.

6. Organize Your Online Life
Unsubscribe to emails from vendors whose services you no longer need. Create folders to file emails you need to keep. Limit time on social media sites to an hour per day.

7. Me Time
Schedule “down” time at least 3 times per week. It could be working out, getting a massage, walking to the neighborhood park, reading a book, or doing nothing at all.

8. Budget Your Money
Don’t keep up with the Joneses, their kids or their neighbors. Buy what you can afford and only what you really need.

9. Stay in Touch
Once a month, send an old-fashioned letter or card via snail mail to a friend, relative or someone you care about.

10. Volunteer
Volunteer for an organization that supports a cause you really believe in. Donate your time, money or both.

11. Know Your Neighbors
Make a point to introduce yourself to the new neighbors down the street who just moved in. Or better yet, get to know the neighbors who live next door that you have never talked to.

12. Family Calendar
Keep an online family calendar. Use a free online calendar through Google, Yahoo or other sites and give the whole family access.