Erin Berzins’ family loves Mexian food.  “I am constantly searching for new things to create.  Salsa is a staple in our house,” says Erin.  “We eat it with chips for a simple snack or use it as a topping for other dishes like eggs, potatoes, or rice.  In my opinion, it enhances all food!”

Erin and her husband Alex live in the Carmel Mountain Ranch community of 92128.  They have a 10-year-old son named Logan.  Erin enjoys cooking, exercising, shopping, baseball and football.

When Erin isn’t creating dishes for her family and friends in the kitchen, she can be found at the local baseball fields watching her son’s games or relaxing in the backyard on the weekends with her family.  “I also like to take in an occasional happy hour with my favorite gal pals,” says Erin.

“Enjoy the recipe and be sure to make extra to share with your neighbors.  It’s always a great start to an informal party!”

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18 Roma tomatoes, whole with top (stem cut off)
9 Jalapeños, cut in half lengthwise (Remove the seeds if you like a milder salsa)
5 green onions, chopped
1 Bunch of cilantro, chopped
Additional hot sauce (like Tapatío®) to taste
Aluminum foil

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1.  Place two 18-24” sheets of aluminum foil on the counter making a cross.
2.  Place the tomatoes and jalapeños in the center with a few shakes of salt.
3.  Pull the edges of the top sheet of aluminum foil together and fold over the tomato/jalapeño mixture.
4.  Pull the edges of the bottom sheet of aluminum foil together and fold over.
5.  The aluminum foil should look like a “square package” when you are finished. No gaps in the “square package” so the tomatoes and jalapeños can steam while cooking.
6.  Place in a greased skillet (so the aluminum foil won’t stick) and cover.
7.  Cook on “simmer” for approximately 30 minutes.
8.  For the last 5 minutes, turn up heat to Medium-Low so the tomatoes get slightly browned on bottom.
9.  Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool for one hour.
10.  Break open the aluminum foil and transfer the mixture to a blender and puree.
11.  Add salt and additional hot sauce to your liking.
12.  Transfer to the refrigerator and cool.
13.  Once cool, mix in the fresh chopped green onions and cilantro.   Enjoy!

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