Nature has always been a part of Bob Kiang’s soul, but it didn’t become part of his life until he retired.

With a PhD in aerospace engineering, Bob Kiang spent 43 years as an engineer. “I worked for a private research and development company (SRI International) in the first half of my career, then the government for the second half,” he said.

Then in 2006, he and his wife Ming moved to Rancho Bernardo, where Bob retired. “I am 71 years old and am thoroughly enjoying my retirement,” Bob said, noting that’s when his love of nature surfaced, while taking a guided docent tour of Blue Sky Ecological Reserve in north Poway.

Soon afterwards, he became a docent at Blue Sky himself. “I received my docent certificate in 2007 and have been leading natures hike as well as other volunteering tasks in the Reserve,” he said.

Subsequently, while hiking in the Sierra Nevada, he discovered a love of photography – especially taking photos of wild flowers. So, “For the past four springs, I have been dazzled by the wild flower display in Blue Sky Ecological Reserve and the North County region in general,” Kiang said.

He has taken thousands of photos at Blue Sky and posted them online. In fact, he had enough photos to create an entire album online – that can be purchased, or just viewed for pleasure, at He said he created the album for the sole purpose of showing people the remarkable sites at Blue Sky, with all proceeds from the sales of the album going directly to the Blue Sky Foundation.

With the help of Blue Sky Ranger Annie Ransom, Kiang is now part of a team planning an outreach and a touring program for school children in grades 2 through 5 this coming school year.

And his volunteer work at Blue Sky has led Kiang to his latest volunteer project. “I have undertaken the task of maintaining the website of the San Diego Chinese Art Society, and I also volunteer to tutor math/science at the Miramar College during the school year.”